DIY Pizza Ovens

The Clay Shed is the Queensland distributor of Clayworks Woodfired Pizza Ovens. For more information please visit the Clayworks Woodfired Pizza Oven website or contact us.

1. Easily installed by two capable people, no need for fork lift trucks or cranes.

2. Robust construction using high quality refractory materials able to withstand 1300C and reinforced with stainless steel pins.

3. Excellent geometry which means that fire management is simple and excessive smoke avoided.

4. Large 800 mm cooking area.

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We stock materials for DIY pizza ovens!

 Refractory goods

(high temperature cements & mortars)

 Dense Fire Paves



Perfect for outdoor entertaining!

The simple & deliciously enticing taste of woodfired cooking.


Woodfired Pizza Ovens

Pizza, roasts, bread, scones, damper or anything that you would cook in your conventional oven.

Create an artistic focal point.

A functional gathering place.

An aromatic natural heater in the garden.

Able to be utilized all year round.

Build your own to suit what size and shape you like.

Even choose your render colour.

The Series 800 offering a number of benefits to the end user;